Wednesday, December 31, 2008


24 Israeli deaths in 7 years are attributed to Hamas-fired missiles and/or mortar fire emanating from Gaza. Since December 27, 2008 (just 16 days) renewed Israeli military bullyism has caused a Palestinian death toll approaching 900 dead and 3500 injured. Israel claims "most" of the casualties/fatalities are Palestinian police and militants (even as the UN claims half are civilians) so America shrugs its collective shoulders, yawns and praises the murderers even as it ignores the murdered. The White House blames the victims. Even President-elect Barack "Change" Obama states the same ol' same ol' about Israel having to defend itself and the media is quick to repackage his purported comment about how he'd react if his own family was threatened. American media continually regurgitate Israeli propaganda about how half a million Israeli citizens are at risk, terrorized by Qassam rockets; those pathetic devices responsible for the two dozen deaths mentioned above. Poor little Israel. What else could the beleaguered democracy do?

Well, for starters, Israel could live up to the plethora of UN Resolutions it has ignored for decades. Israel could stop its illegal, brutal occupation of Palestine. Israel could actually come to the peace table without self-genocidal preconditions demanded of its victims. Israel could end settlement infringement into Palestinian territories the first requirement of the "Road Map to Peace." Israel could honor the Hamas leadership democratically elected by the Palestinian people living in Gaza. Israel could end the eighteen month long blockade of Gaza which is the primary reason Hamas resumed rocket launches after the expiration (19 December 2008) of the cease fire agreement.

The fact that Hamas is a legitimate political entity duly elected by the people seems to escape American media outlets. The fact that directly after the pre-mentioned election victory by Hamas, the West stopped all humanitarian and monetary aid at Israel's demand thereby creating an impossible situation that could only exacerbate the inhuman conditions caused by sixty years of Israeli occupation worse than South Africa's immanently immoral apartheid rule is somehow lost. The fact that an entire world sees through the blatant hypocrisy of American support for Israel even as it condemns everything of which Israel is guilty, does not yet register on the American psyche. Americans still think 9/11 was the result of freedom hating Islamofascists.

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, Al-Mezan Center (Gaza) put out a statement that describes the terror being perpetrated on innocent Palestinians. "Targeting of civilians and/of medical facilities is a breach of international humanitarian law. The targets chosen by the Israeli military include also clearly civilian installations. As occupying power currently in effective control of the area, Israel, which is currently carrying out a massive military operation in the Gaza Strip, must bear responsibility for the wounded of the attack, enable their access to hospitals able to care for them, respect medical neutrality of related facilities and allow entry of all necessary medical supplies for hospitals to be able to handle the wounded people."

Israeli leaders to PHR, "What's that you say? Here's another round of aerial bombardment for you."

Which brings me to the video interview given by Tzipi Livni, Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, those Israeli leaders responsible for the current atrocity. Watch as Olmert gives his best performance for a dramatic role as he basically repeats the same sentiments uttered by Zionist leaders since the inception of the unilateral decision for the Jewish return to Palestine (aliyah) back in 1882 which essentially began an illegal land grab of colossal dimension: "Why…oh, why must you force us to murder you and your children?"

Americans have no cognizance of the fact that the Palestinian historical narrative is one of supreme courage in the face of enormous danger; of a people fighting for their land, their people and, indeed, their very culture; fighting against a rabid, foaming-mouthed foe backed by a brutal empire with ruthless designs for world domination. How could they? Media is absolutely negligent in bringing an unbiased point of view to the American people. Imagine the Middle East's only "democracy" terrorizing another democracy. Not possible? Google "Hamas wins elections" and see what comes up. Not a single reference to the FACT that Hamas won a valid, monitored, fair democratic election. See how easily reality is expunged from reality?

But, with this renewed round of pain and suffering at the hands of Zionist aggressors, Palestinians around the world once again lift their heads in defiance. Again they renew their resolve to reclaim their land, their rights, their humanity so viciously thieved over a century by Zionist transgressions. Their souls are strengthened by a desire to avenge yet more thousands of innocents' murdered and maimed. And, clear on their grief-stuck faces is the determination to stop the carnage and reverse the power equation. What else to live for but to drive these Zionist demons into the sea and reclaim what is rightfully theirs?

Israel is committing suicide. Should we intervene to stop it? Rather, we should applaud it for doing so and pull the rope tighter so that the noose closes more quickly.

Or, if you're a lover of the renegade state (the only nation in the world refusing to stipulate what its borders are), then you should besiege your representatives urging that America immediately cuts off all aid to Israel and then demands Israel cease and desist its bloodlust, that Israel adhere to the pertinent UN Resolutions regarding giving back the territories it occupies illegally, that Israel dismantle ALL settlements as they are in violation of International Law, that Israel immediately agrees to a two-state solution, that Israel admits that Hamas is, as was the PLO, completely within the bounds of International Law to resist by any means necessary (including militarily) the occupation of their homeland, and demanding further that Israel gives up its nuclear bombs and missiles, signs the nuclear non-proliferation act and submit to International Atomic Energy Agency inspections. This is just the very preliminary beginning. Either Israel complies or the United States will discontinue all military and monetary support. For until that happens, terrorist attacks against America and its citizens will occur as a justifiable response to Israel's usurpation and occupation of Palestine.

Shock and Awe? No, Schlock and Flaw. A trashy historiography premised upon the fiction of "A land with no people, for a people with no land." Israel lies and America hears "truth". Israel aggressively murders yet America sees Israelis as victims. Israel violates every agreement, does not honor UN Resolutions yet America sees Palestinians in violation. Israel wrings its blood-dripping hands and cries crocodile tears for the victims it murders. With every contradiction, the hypocrisy gauge swells to bursting forth righteous indignation that will keep the hate hot and lethal and justified.

But, sadly, nothing is likely to happen here to change the dynamics. Barack Obama will only hear stale Zionist fables from Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and he'll keep believing Israel is guiltless when in actuality, Israel is the second sickest terrorist nation in the world.

May your (g)God(s) have mercy on Palestinian souls. But, also, may your (g)God(s) get off Its/Their ass(es) and smite the evil transgressor, Zionist Israel. Only then will justice be served.

Ah, yes, justice. Another example of change that ain't a-comin' anytime soon.