Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red, White and P-U: Eau de Empire

What that stank odor be? Foul stench of Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, rotting from unprincipled use, abuse; dead at the hands of "patriots" (a.k.a. Conservatives sans conscience). Just living fictions, spouting same, "Of, by and for the People!" Be real. Be sane. "Those whom own the country shall reign," sayeth Founding Father John Jay and his class, governing peasants like the farm-yarders they are. Hee Haw. Oink Oink. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. Work. Eat. Procreate. No life at all, having lived to grow the wealth of elites, before dying for sake of sick tortures in our name, high-handed hypocrisies slapping the faces of every human being on Earth with "Do as we tells ya, not as we does, what we pleases. And to hell with y' all…" attitude of Empire-bred arrogance.

Happy fuckin' Fourth of July! Three hundred years of world abuse, pillaging its treasures, anal-raping Mother Nature until she screams from her searing bowels, "NO MORE!"

As if eight years of Reagan wasn't enough, we got the two-terms of Cheney/Bush with a doctrine of anything goes. Speaking of which, at top of the list, the Bill of Rights. As if Terrorism/terrorists could ever be worse than the murderous motives of Dick Cheney who believes, a priori, since he's doing God's work whatever pops into his demented mind can only be the Word of the Lord to do what needs be done in His name (God's, not Dick's). Shocking testicles in God's name. Water boarding in God's name. Sexual perversions in God's name. Destroying hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in God's name. None of the foregoing creating any contradiction whatsoever in the Conservative mind.

So, when the newest U.S.-minted Satan [replete with false reports of his vow to exterminate Israel] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wins re-election, Buttafuocco…it must be rigged. And, who should know better than we of the hanging chads and popular vote loser, huh?

Therefore, we are graced with one Conservative after another posturing for the cameras, drooling their idiocy, "[Obama's] been timid and passive…" "We could be more forceful…" "I would like to see the President be stronger…" All of that in context of the Iranian Presidential election and claims of voting fraud which brought out a hundred thousand into the streets — or times that by x amount, being unable to determine the multiplicative limitations of tweets to real time protestors — representing fifteen-one-hundredths of one percent of 65,875,224 Iranian citizens. Compared to America that would be the equivalent of approximately 450,000 people demanding change — DOH!! — "And by the time we got to Woodstock, we were half-a-million strong…" [CSNY] How many of you fuckin' Republicans were/are/will ever be ready to back up the 70s One World Generation with those changes we demanded? Like ending America's violent public means to profitable private ends philosophy? [*plink* the sound of pin dropping] Riiiiiiiiight…Your types fought and some still fight against such economic equality not to mention racial equality, employment equality, gender equality, drug use equality. Well, equality in general, actually, because y'all think you're special. One of God's angels. Which completes the circle jerk. Splatt…Or, was that Rush Limbaugh's intelligential offering? No? How about Jonah Goldberg? Ahhhhhh…

And, just what would Republicans have President Obama do, exactly? For it is soooooo easy to demand action without actually articulating what action should be taken [besides such rhetoric being the "moral" groundwork for Israel's inevitable, illegal pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities]; such is the "game plan" from the idea-bereft Far Right Huddlers; those over there, in their caves, dragging wives around by the hair when not "walking the Appalachian Trail" (viz., fucking some Argentinean non-wife friend after having vociferously called for Bill Clinton's impeachment over the Lewinsky affair), or sniffing after "jail bait" interns, or "snooping for sausage" in public restrooms, that is.

You might think such truths exposed to Conservative Republicans would give them moment for pause, to contemplate the great contradictions inherent in their Weltanschauung thereby mending their grotesquely distorted view that all of Universe is centered on them.

Well, you'd be dead wrong, Bro. According to John W. Dean, [in "Conservatives Without Conscience"] Republicans like Cheney, Bush!!, Rove, Gingrich, Delay, Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams and the rest of those Right Wing Authoritarian roaches, display the following traits "…dominating, opposed to equality, desirous of personal power, amoral, intimidating, and bullying; some are hedonistic, most are vengeful, pitiless, exploitive, manipulative, dishonest, cheaters, prejudiced, mean-spirited, militant, nationalistic, and two-faced." Dean, citing social psychologist and researcher Bob Altemeyer of the University of Manitoba, goes on to characterize Authoritarian Conservatives as being incapable of seeing their own faults: "Right-wing authoritarians, as we have seen, are motivated by their fear of a dangerous world, whereas social dominators have an ever-present desire to dominate. The factor that makes right-wingers faster than most people to attack others, and that seems to keep them living in an 'attack mode,' is their remarkable self-righteousness. They are so sure they are not only right, but holy and pure, that they are bursting with indignation and a desire to smite down their enemies…"

The best and brightest Big Business — our God — has to offer, seeing as these same species of leeches swim seamlessly between private and public ponds leaving their slimy residue on both as they suck the lifeblood from each even as they preach the Good Word. Let me hasten to add here: When I'm talking about the elites I'm talking about the top fraction of one-percenters, those whom know nothing at all of want, disease, hopelessness. There are plenty of people making "good money" that are compassionate and actively involved in change, in actual on the ground work to help common folk, those still educating themselves to American brutal over-reach and so, work to get an Obama elected (just to serve as an example).

I'm talking about those with royal sense of entitlement, should they want they should have. After all, being royalty has its benefits. All is as wanted. If not. Make it so. For them. Because they want it. And they call us "The Me Generation." Once again, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight…

So, happy birthday, America. You with your smiling Black Socialist President smiting flies without conscience…You, no doubt, now laughing having caught the reference; Obama killing that fly during an interview and getting a tongue-in-cheek rebuke from P.E.T.A.? But, seriously, how many of you feel that Iranian leaders calling for brutality against their people, actually killing them because they had become unwanted nuisance [and, so…BUT OF COURSE…they must be exterminated] without so much as a hint of remorse were/are morally bankrupt? Killing humans as if insects. How many of you had that feeling? Certainly the impression as conveyed by the Conservative Republicans spewing their agitprop was of just such a calloused response by the Iranian leadership. Human life of no more significance than a fly. Which leads to a profound depth to P.E.T.A.'s central meaning, does it not, that of holding all creatures in reverence and against which we should do no harm.

But, we're Americans. We kill flies and mock P.E.T.A. and say "Fuck our contradictions!" for that is how we treat the rest of the world: "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out." Oh, I know, "Not me!" you indignantly cry. But, when was the last time you resisted the go along to get along zeitgeist so prevalent now? When did you last buck the system? Stand up to the "man?" Sacrifice? Agitate for progressive change? Or, when was the last time you went without a meal or two to feel the hunger untold millions suffer every day of their existence with the full, attendant understanding that many if not most of the hungry are made so by America's Capitalistocracy? Hmmm?

This writer didn't see anyone busting through barricades when Conservative Right-wing Authoritarians stole an election, maybe two, right here in 'merica during the last decade. This writer didn't see the Limbaughs and Grahams and Cheneys facing off against riot squads when students were clubbed in Chicago or shot at Kent State, nor when Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was murdered by FBI agents, nor when Nixon illegally bombed Cambodia, or during the Iran-Contra atrocity perpetrated by/…

Oh, that's right. Conservative Republicans weren't manning the barricades then or now on behalf of the People because they were/continue to be, the murderers and thieves, the charlatans and two-faced politicians, the dominators and their legion, authoritarian followers that did/will do the dirty work or did/will do nothing to stop it. Like good sheep.

Happy Bahhhh….day, America.