Friday, April 9, 2010

Any Which Way

Senator John McCain (R-Az), amidst a tough re-election campaign, states he has never put himself across as being a maverick even as his autobiography, "Worth the Fighting For" carries this subtitle, "The Education of An American Maverick, And the Heroes Who Inspired Him." Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) from Arkansas, amidst a tough re-election campaign, puts out two commercials, one stating she stood against Obama's Health Care reform bill by voting "no" even as she states in her other commercial that she supported the bill by voting "yes" (when she voted to procedurally allow the bill to move forward so that she could ultimately vote against it). President Obama (D)-- a professor of Constitutional law and professing to be all about the rule of law, even as he points his finger in accusation against religious fanatics (meaning, Islamists though not Israelis) aiding and abetting violence in pursuit of their aims --issues a fatwa (extrajudicial death sentence) on American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki (for allegedly having egged on the "Christmas Day Bomber"). And then there's Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla) a proponent of George W. Bush's unfunded tax cuts (that transferred hundreds of billions of dollars from the working middle class to the top one percent) objecting to a $9 Billion emergency spending bill to extend unemployment benefits to more than 200,000 Americans even as he stated, " The easiest thing in the world is to pass this bill unpaid for, but consider the millions of Americans whose financial futures would be damaged, versus the relatively small amount of people who will be affected by this delay. Now you tell me which vote takes the most courage." [This writer's emphasis]

And, of course, we have the hysteria of Obama Socialism being fanned by the usual suspect demagogues (Beck – Coulter – Goldberg – Hannitty – Ingraham – O'Reilly) to such raging proportion that the ignorami have taken to brick-throwin' and death threatenin' and packin' weapons so enflamed have they become. Secession from the United States of America has gained traction in such dimly lit circles; where shadows are everything, being cast as they are by a reality which is only a reflection of the terror felt by those less than fortunate feudalists mobbing on behalf of a system that exploits them; serfs to the Republican lords of "free market" ideology.

Dumbfucks, in a word.

So here we are in the year 2010 with the American political scene one of profound polarity, with hypocrisy at unprecedented levels and with the American people fervently yelping anti-Communism rhetoric reminiscent of the worst McCarthy era jihadists. According to this less than scintillating sector of American citizenry, Team Obama are—at the same instant, mind you –socialist/communist/progressive/fascists whose only goal is to impose their tyranny of the left, to grow government, to feed big brother, to…Wha' da?! Hey?! Government has grown bloated under thirty years of Republican governance even as it has been largely privatized (ergo decisions made by what's good for shareholders rather than what the People require). Big Brother-- what with warrantless wire-tapping, email intercept programs, the tossing of habeas corpus, the indiscriminate use of "enemy combatant" to lock away anyone for any reason or no reason at all --has been never as well nourished as during the last thirty years of Republican governance. And yet, across America, Tea Partiers are apoplectic over a "tyranny of the left" so ominous and all-powerful that the "No-ists" (a.k.a. Republicans) can thwart every Democratic move by merely threatening to filibuster and/or by using any/all delaying tactics/procedures no matter how thin the validity in order to obstruct progress. But, this escapes the "moral majority."

Really, really dumb, dumbfucks.

This is a summation of Karl Marx's central premise re Communism: "The state of society in which there is no private property, no socially significant division of labour or exclusive ownership of tools and means of production, and no use of money as a substitute for the social control of production, and in which production is directly for use. This stage will be achieved as a result of the internal collapse of capitalism when the proletariat comes to expropriate the expropriators and places into social ownership the means of production, distribution, and exchange. Marx envisages capitalist habits and the use of money not being abolished overnight after such a revolution. Politically, the revolution will be accompanied by a temporary repressive dictatorship of the proletariat, which will then be the vast majority of mankind, preventing the old ruling class and its agents from regaining power. Economically, the first stage of communism, often called socialism by Marx's followers, will be based on the continuation of a money economy and of democratized labour discipline according to the principle, 'From each according to his capacity, to each according to his contribution.' When such socialized production has caused the springs of wealth to flow more freely, when labour has become highly educated and versatile, and when the vestiges of bourgeois habits and self-seeking have been eliminated, money will cease to play a significant role and the principle of society will become, 'From each according to his capacity, to each according to his need'." [The Portable Karl Marx, edited by Eugene Kamenka; Penguin, 1983; pg 564-565]

To review the three pillars of Marxian Communism: The People (workers/proletariats) own the means of production. The People (workers/proletariats) own the nation/real property assets. The People (workers/proletariats) rule of, by and for the People, not for profit.

With America going absolutely bonkers having been fed large portions of hate and divisiveness, with fears fanned so hot that irrationality stokes the conversation, the anti-Communist outpouring has been blistering; lots of heat with absolutely no light being generated. The self-serving leading the deaf, dumb and blind. For, think about it. The means of production has been lost, shifted overseas; now China out manufactures America. Millions of jobs have likewise been off-shored; the legion of non-working now the highest since the Great Depression. American production workers are becoming an endangered species. Trillions of dollars of value/wealth has been lost by the People (middle class) as the housing bubble burst, as tax breaks for the top percentage of earners siphoned trillions more from the People (middle class) and even more money transferred as real wages for the People (proletariat/workers) has fallen over the past three decades. As for money ruling, have Americans forgotten the S and L crisis of the 80s and the $313 billion (in today's dollars) bail out; that it came on George Bush, Sr.'s watch; that it involved son Neil Bush; that crisis theft serving as bookend to W's deregulatory debacle that currently plays out? Does the current financial crisis ring a bell? Trillions of taxpayer dollars given over to gamblers who went hog wild and went belly up— these hogs, the major American banks, those same institutions that successfully lobbied for a cut-throat bankruptcy law that would force middle-class Americans defaulting on credit card debt to pay up even if it meant losing their homes and all their possessions; the argument used most, moral hazard. Yet, even as the moral hazard argument was used on American citizen debtors and the rest of the world during the Asian financial crisis of 1997, there wasn't much talk of moral hazard when it came to bailing out America's financial elites. According to Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel winning economist, "During the East Asian crisis, just a decade ago, American and the IMF demanded that the affected countries reduce their government's deficits by cutting back expenditures – even if, as in Thailand, this resulted in a resurgence of the AIDS epidemic, or even if, as in Indonesia, this meant curtailing food subsidies for the starving…America and the IMF forced countries to raise interest rates, in some cases (such as Indonesia) to more than 50 percent. They lectured Indonesia about being tough on its banks and demanded that the government not bail them out. What a terrible precedent this would set, they said, and what a terrible intervention into the smooth-running mechanisms of the free market. The contrast between the handling of the East Asian crisis and the American crisis is stark and has not gone unnoticed. To pull America out of the hole, the country engaged in massive increases in spending and massive deficits, even as interest rates were brought down to zero. Banks were bailed out left and right. Some of the same officials in Washington who dealt with the East Asian crisis are managing the response to the American implosion." [p222] The ol' Do as I say, not as I do routine. Don't these multi-trillion dollar bail outs and double standards suggest who is, and will forever be, calling the tune here in America? Could it truly be possible Americans have forgotten the above mentioned realities? Yes, they have. Thus the new strategy for simply making reality whatever you want it to be for the nonce, not to be hindered by pesky real reality, history, actuality. Lying and then lying about lying has become the operative strategy in America. Any which way. What difference does it make? Real? True? Fiction? Lie? All the same to the lame of mind Tea Partiers and Republicans and even some Democrats, too. It works. Americans are not equipped to deal with facts. In fact, most don't know how to distinguish a fact from a fiction; a condition that is exacerbated via amnesia of anything beyond ME in the MOMENT.

Just look at the People (workers/proletariats) manning the barricades spewing venomous, misspelled epithets and threatening the "Progressives" with violence (in words and deeds) because this Democrat Administration is supposedly forcing Communism down America's collective throat. Never mind that at no time since its inception has Marxian Communism been less likely to flourish in America. Yet, "Leaders" like House Minority Leader, John Boehner* (R-OH ) screams "HELL NO!" refusing to go anywhere near that Marxian "dystopia" called Communism. And that's not because it'll undermine American morality; that's already been accomplished by Republican leadership over three decades. Why Boehner squeals like a pig against Communism is because Communism is all about operating on behalf of the masses, not amassing on behalf of the few at the expense of the masses. He, along with his Republican cohorts, have pledged to refuse to go along with ANY legislation proposed by the majority party Democrats in an effort to strait-jacket the legislative process hoping the American dumbizens will only remember come November that gov'mint ain't workin', so it must be the Democrats' fault 'cause they's the majority. As long as the Republicans can continue their terrible-two tantrumatrics and fuck up the workings of democracy, the better chances they have for getting rewarded with the reins of a legislative majority this coming election.

Ironic? No, tragic. A clarion call to all Americans to smarten up or face the consequences of their stupidity.

* Let's finally call the Congressman out on the pronunciation of his name, shall we: Doe rhymes with dough as does foe, hoe, Joe, Moe, Poe, roe, toe and woe. Therefore, Boehner rhymes with boner. The guy even plays games with his own name, for cryin' out loud! A real stiff prick, that one.