Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote To Save America

November 2nd is perhaps the single most important voting day we have experienced over the past thirty years. All polls seem to suggest that the Tea Party crowd along with rightwing Republicans are poised to take back the majority in the US Congress and perhaps even the Senate. If this happens, the American middle class is doomed. There will be a steady diminution of decent paying jobs, health coverage, retirement benefits. What are the American public thinking? After thirty years of running this country for the benefit of the top few percent, we are mired in unemployment, debt, two wars of convenience being waged, education on the decline. We are seeing the results of the Chicago School of economics (Milton Friedman) theft of trillions of dollars taken from the middle class and transferred to the top few percent always with the promise of more and better paying jobs that never appeared.

We are at a place in history where Republican-backed tax breaks are offered to corporations to better facilitate the off-shoring of manufacturing jobs and the American people want to reinstitute a Republican majority even as they claim to be upset over the joblessness. [This constitutes hundreds of billions of tax payers' dollars.]

We are at a place in history where Republican-backed efforts to fight two contrived wars by borrowing the necessary funding and hiring subcontractors to do the bulk of work historically done by military personnel has cost $3 Trillion dollars yet Americans are poised to re-elect a Republican majority. [The reason for these wars had nothing whatsoever to do with WMDs or Saddam or installing a democracy; the real reasons, as have become obvious, reduces to oil as regards Iraq and rare earth mineral resources as regards Afghanistan]

Republicans have decimated the welfare system for the People even as they have increased same for corporations; now some 10 times what is spent on the safety net for the People, and the electorate seems determined to put Republicans back into the majority.

Republicans are against the minimum wage-- working at minimum wage keeps one in poverty; eliminating the minimum wage is the slippery slope that slides the entire scale of remuneration downward for EVERYONE --and worker/voters want more Republicans in office.

Republicans put front and center their complaints that the Obama Administration's "Economic Stimulus Bill" has been a complete failure even as Reuters just reports that the Stimulus Bill "…boosted real GDP in the (3rd) quarter by between 1.7 percent and 4.5 percent, adding at least $200 billion in economic activity…It raised employment by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million jobs during the second quarter of this year, CBO estimated. Measured another way, CBO said the stimulus increased the number of full-time equivalent jobs by up to 4.8 million, as part-time workers shifted to full-time work or employers offered more overtime work." This on top of the 8 million jobs saved; more than all the jobs created during the two Bush terms. Yet, Americans are ready to put Republicans back in the majority.

Republicans are against "pork" (a.k.a. earmarks) costing—in total, for each and every Congressperson and Senator combined --$50 billion (funds which are used back home in members' states for worthy causes; except the occasional boondoggle like Alaska's "Bridge To Nowhere") even as Republicans are in favor of extending tax cuts to the richest two percent at a cost of $782 billion, yet, the voting public seem determined to put Republicans back into a majority position to wreak more havoc.

Republicans are against "Obama's health care" which, at the very least, guarantees you won't lose your coverage when you need it most, and people are ready to vote in Republicans pledging to repeal "Obamacare." [Never mind that the President would OBVIOUSLY veto any attempt to do so, therefore the Repubs run on a plank that cannot become reality. Further, never mind that while initially costing money, ultimately the enacted health care reform will save trillions of dollars.]

Republicans want to eliminate Social Security, that necessary financial assistance which was promised for generations (and paid for by the People/workers via payroll taxes), yet these primary beneficiaries seem ready to vote in Republicans. [Rather than agitate for the wealthy paying the same percentage on all earned income as do working people, which would render Social Security solvent. Baby boomers getting the double whammy having had to pony up for the current retirees-- because Congress spent the dough --then having to pony up even more for their own security even as they are now being told not to expect anything out of it.]

Republicans charge Obama with being socialist when it has been Republicans socializing (viz., forcing the American tax payers to pay) the cost of the financial meltdowns (let's not forget the S&L crisis under the first Bush reign) while profits and bonuses continue to accrue to that same financial sector, yet Americans want Republicans back in the majority.

Republicans decry the cost of retirement benefits as a hindrance to new unfettered growth thereby reneging on the promises of benefits later for less salary today which has been in place since coming out of the great depression, and the American public rally behind Republicans. [And, just how do Americans think they'll make it after their productive work years (20 – 50 years old) end?]

Republicans' big election year motto is "Had Enough?" suggesting all the problems have been caused by the Obama Administration over the past 2 years when in actuality they were caused by the elitist agenda of the Republican party over the past thirty years. Americans seem to be answering "Yes" to that question, which can only mean they've actually had enough of Republicanism, yet they are poised to re-elect Republicans/TeaBaggers to constitute a majority ruling class to enact legislation on behalf of the plutocracy for which they labor.

Republicans/TeaBaggers want to "take our country back" when everyone in the world knows that to succeed in the future, nations need to progress, not go back. [And, from what or whom do the Repubs/TeaParty bunch want to "Take our country back?" The answer, a Socialist Obama Administration and a country that elects black folk to positions of power thereby demonstrating that Americans have absolutely no clue what they are talking about as Obama is in no way Socialist. Ahh, but he is black! Racism and ignorance the motivating factor in this year's election.]

Republicans/TeaBaggers want to revoke abortion rights even in the case of incest, rape or risking the health of the mother. Never mind the intrusion of big government into a woman's body by way of having the final say over her reproductive activities. Yet, polls show American women leaning towards voting Republican/TeaBagger.

Republicans/TeaBaggers want to be able to stuff the Supreme Court with more conservative activist judges (the Citizens' United ruling a case study in judicial activism via overturning decades of case law precedents to reach their deluded conclusion that corporations are "people" and therefore deserve First Amendment rights without restriction thereby allowing for unlimited funding of election campaigns even by foreign sources which can only corrupt the very core of democracy here at home; no longer the People but corporations deciding who shall govern and on whose behalf they shall govern) and the US citizenry seem poised to vote Republican.

Republicans are anti-immigrant supposedly because "those people" cost US tax payers money and jobs when all data demonstrates that illegal immigrants actually contribute more to the system than they receive and that the jobs they take pay so badly no Americans are willing to do them. [Of course, the solution is simple but Republicans refuse to opt in: Exact heavy fines from any businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Do that and the "immigrant problem" goes away; no work, no lure to relocate.]

Republicans/TeaBaggers push for term limits, which is an obvious subterfuge for having a never-ending merry-go-round of people ignorant of due process and incapable of running government [Google Christine O'Donnell], so that government is no longer able to function. Republicans/TeaBaggers remember, hate government. And the American people want to vote the Republicans/TeaBaggers into office.

This is madness. Never has America been so ignorant of what has been transpiring. Never has America been so brainwashed by imbecilic babble [Google Sarah Palin] that passes for profundity and/or "The change we need." Whatever your views, if you care about the America we were all taught to believe in-- where one and all are guaranteed freedom, liberty, justice, equal treatment under the law, where we can be assured that our government operates in righteous manner --then listen up: YOU'D BETTER VOTE DEMOCRAT ALL ACROSS THE BALLOT OR YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YE HAVE SOWN!

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